I’m a designer. I’m currently based in Porto, Portugal. I’m driven to make life easier for other humans. I recently started leading design at GYANT Health. Previously I was working at Namecheap, leading the design of EasyWP.

From time to time I also work with small businesses to help shape their digital design approach and bring them to life (Joana Correia, Nova Type Foundry). I enjoy making sure that apps, websites and any kind of digital products are as easy to use as they are beautiful.

I graduated in Digital Arts and Multimedia from ESAD Matosinhos in 2012. I’ve taken on roles as an interaction designer with digital agencies like Surreal and Nuisol. I’ve worked with global clients on innovative digital products, marketing websites, online stores and branding projects.

I have extensive experience in user experience and user interface design. I’ve worked across the whole stack from UX research, product management and leadership, design and front-end.

My work has been recognised by Adobe Behance and CSS Design Awards.

If you have a new opportunity in mind, I’m happy to talk with you to understand what your needs are. Please feel free to reach out.

If you are a newcomer to design or a seasoned professional also feel free to reach out. I love to help and nerd out.


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